Product Tagging

Tags and Tagging

Tagging your templates and patterns is important when listing online. If you don’t tag your are less likely to get your designs seen.

What is tagging? Tagging is using keywords to describe your item for sale, so that when someone is looking for a specific item, they use a word that describes what they are looking for and the clever little critters in the internet go running around and find anything on Totally Templates that has that specific keyword. For example. If I wanted a paper cutting template for valentines day, I would type valentines day and possibly paper cutting aswell, in the search bar on Totally Templates. The little critters would run around and find anything that had a keyword (tag) of valentines day and paper cutting. It would then show me the results in picture form on the TT web page and bobs your uncle, you can choose which one you like. Unfortunately, Mrs I’ve got the best Valentines Day design in the world didn’t tag her template with keywords and so hers doesn’t show up. She’s lost a potential sale.

So how do I tag them?

When you are listing your template/pattern for sale you will see an area which asks you to select product tags. This is where you type in your ‘relevant’ keywords. So, say I wanted to list my Valentines Day heart paper cutting template. I would click into the box that says select product tags and then tart typing in there and you will get a choice of words to click on which will then show in the box. Keep putting keywords in until your product is described. You can also add your shop name in there so people will be able to search for your shop and that will show in the resutls. So, back to my Valentines template, I would add, Valentines Day heart love roses … etc until it describes my design. It’s no good putting ‘on valentines day my heart will melt into yours’ (or something like that if that’s what your design says) because those suggested words won’t all come up, and words which crop up again and again are the ones that will be added. There’s no point adding on, my, will, into etc… they don’t describe anything.

What happens if a word I want to use isn’t there? Words can be added to the keyword database for your by one of the TT site admin. You will need to make a post on the Totally Templates Website Group page and tag Jessica Massey and she will either add the tag or make sure one of the other admins can get it added.

If you’re not sure to what words to add, imagine you were on google and were looking for something. What would you type in to be able to find that thing quickly? That’s the type of keyword (tag) that you will need to add to your product. If you tag your products properly, they will also show up in google search results… so, it’s important that you get them right so your word can be found easily. Good luck. And as always, any problems, please use the groups to ask questions and we’ll answer them as best and as quickly as possible.