Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Totally Templates we respect our users, both buyers and sellers. We would not, under any circumstances, sell your information on to 3rd parties.

We store your information for administration purposes, and if you so choose to send you a newsletter.

Your Information

We need a valid email from you and a valid username which is connected to your sales activity on our site. Depending which further activities you choose to participate in we will also require your address and a telephone number so that we can remain within UK tax laws, and is required to protect you as well. You may choose to add extra information, such as your birthday, gender etc, and to do so is entirely your choice, but we cannot be held responsible for the privacy of your information that you choose to display publicly.

The information that you provide us with is their to help better our service, to communicate with you and to allow for targeted marketing practices.

Should any illegal behaviour be found, or should enquiries be made by the law about your dealings with Totally Templates then any key information would be given where requested and necessary. On occasion your personal information may be shared with a third party in order to exercise our legal rights or to defend against claims, court orders, legal process or any other legal requirement to comply with the law and protect against suspected fraud or violations of our terms and agreements.

Your Security

Your security is a priority to us. You are supplied with a user name and password which you must protect. Choose passwords carefully to protect yourself and change them if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account.


Totally Templates has SSL  (Security Sockets Layer) protection on the whole site. SSL increases the security on the site by encrypting the data transfer between the website and it’s visitors. It further protects the data that you give to us and that we store.


Totally Templates reserves the right to retain the data that you provide us with for as long as we deem necessary. Should you wish for us to not use your information please close your account and unsubscribe from the newsletter. Should you require us to change your data please contact us at and we will either change your data or delete your account where applicable.

Changes in Policy

Totally Templates reserves the right to change our policies when and as needed and without prior notice.