Making Your Shop Name Searchable

Long and IMPORTANT post for SELLERS!!! Please read!!

Ok, one of the drawbacks in TT is that as a seller you are not easily searchable by your shop names (WordPress does not have/allow a front end user search, certainly not one that works with the theme we use). So, to try and combat this and to help sellers out I have manually inputted each sellers UserName (which should be your shop name) as a TAG.

What I can’t do is go into your listings and tag each of your templates with your own tag to make you searchable, I need you to do that for yourselves. Go to your listings and add the tag for your shop.

If it’s not there it could be because your user name and shop name are different (though please remember the link to your shop uses your username). If that’s the case pop your shop name on the post in the Totally Templates Website Facebook group and we will input the tag for you.

A note of caution. I don’t want to be all badass about it but this does leave it open to abuse; what we won’t accept is you using other people’s business name tags for your products, that’s just not cool. If we see this happening the items and possibly the shops will be removed and the seller notified. We have to protect the majority of our sellers and that will always be our goal. Every item you tag with your business name will show (hopefully) on a search for your shop. It’s not perfect, but it is a workaround. XXXXX

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