Known TT Site Issues

Hi all,

Well, we launch today which is really exciting BUT as with all things technical it does have a few issues, firstly when you upload a product you can select appropriate Product Tags, but you can’t add your own, just let me know & I will add whatever tags you want/need.

You can only buy from one seller at a time, (this is because it is a marketplace, and as such you go to one shop and pay and then move onto the next), it’s not awesome, but the theme was designed that way and I can’t change it.


This is a strange one. Coupons are set by default to reduce your product by X amount. You can change that to X %. But, if you change it to 10%, then go back into coupon settings it defaults back to amount, so if you have reduced your item by 10% it will reduce your item by £10!! I’m on with the theme developers to ask what the hecky thump is happening, and will resolve it asap, but in the meantime I have disabled the use of coupons at the checkout so they will not work.

We don’t have any web developers, here, it’s just one craft person building a site that fits as many needs as possible for the craft community, and I’ve done the best I can with the tools I’ve had. Hopefully that’s good enough for now and we’ll be able to improve as we go.

I haven’t received an email/can’t find the template I have bought?

  • Please check your Spam/Junk folders in your email account first as they often go in there and also ensure that you have given the correct email address. If you still can’t find your email then log into the site, when you first log in your downloads are the first page you’ll see, if you are still logged in then please click your name (top right) and click My Orders, your download should be there. If all of these fail please go to the support group on Facebook and let us know so that we can help.

When I upload an image I keep getting an error message?

  • This is, unfortunately, a common issue, it can be caused by a large volume of traffic on the site, or could be that you have stayed logged in from a previous session. To rectify the issue: log out of the website, close down your browser, re-open the browser and go to the website, log back in and you shouldn’t have any further problems. If you do, please contact the support group on Facebook:

Mainly I hope we all have fun.