How to get more customers

How do you get your templates and patterns seen by the big wide world and get new customers? It’s all about sharing. It’s no good just putting templates and patterns in your shop and expecting them to sell. You need to share the fact that you’ve uploaded somethig new to your shop.

Networking is key to selling. Social media is your new best friend. Share links to your items in as many craft groups as you can, share it on your page, pinterest, twitter etc. It’s been made even easier to share by social media links below each of your listings. Go and take a look.

Towards the bottom of your listing in your shop, right below the Product description you will see a row of social media buttons like these:


All you need to do is click the relevant one (facebook, pinterest, twitter, google+ etc) and it will enable easy sharing of your item listing.

The more you share your links the more visitors and customers you will get.

Make it your new motto, share, share, share 🙂