I haven’t received an email/I can’t find the template I have bought?

  • Please check your Spam/Junk folders in your email account first as they often go in there and also ensure that you have given the correct email address. If you still can’t find your email then log into the site, when you first log in your downloads are the first page you’ll see, if you are still logged in then please click your name (top right) and click My Orders, your download should be there. If all of these fail please go to the support group on Facebook and let us know so that we can help. https://www.facebook.com/groups/totallytemplateswebsite/

When I upload an image I keep getting an error message?

  • This is, unfortunately, a common issue, it can be caused by a large volume of traffic on the site, or could be that you have stayed logged in from a previous session. To rectify the issue: log out of the website, close down your browser, re-open the browser and go to the website, log back in and you shouldn’t have any further problems. If you do, please contact the support group on Facebook:


I want to close my shop down, how do I do this?

  • You cannot close your shop down from your dashboard. First you must go into your dashboard and delete ALL of your listings. Then email team@totallytemplates.co.uk with a closure request and we will delete your shop. Remember, TT doesn’t cost anything unless you sell an item so think carefully before deleting the shop.

I want a refund:

By law digital downloads are non-refundable unless the product is faulty. As TT do not sell templates (the individual designers do) your contract is with them and not Totally Templates. It is worth contacting the designer to see if they can help with any refunds as they are paid at the point of purchase and TT do not hold anything other than the commission which is non-refundable.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Totally Templates?

  • Totally Templates is an online (UK only) market place, housing sellers that offer digital craft templates; so in effect we are a venue, the transactions made on the site are between the seller and they buyer and are not dealt with by Totally Templates.

I would like to sell with Totally Templates, how do I apply?

  • Just click on the Log-in button on the homepage and tick the box stating you would like to be a seller. Fill in all of your details and press submit. You should be sent confirmation by email and will be able to then upload your products

How much commission will I pay?

  • At Totally Templates we want to make it as easy as we can. There are no monthly bills, no joining fees and no listing fees so if you sell nothing then you’ve lost nothing. If your work is original and you are accepted as a seller you will pay only 15% commission; we advise you to factor that into the cost of your templates.

Can I use Coupons?

  • Yes you can, but you should be aware that the 15% commission comes off the original base price and not off the price you are selling at. We have asked the developers to look into this but they say that it is correct, and will remain as it is. You should make sure that your base price is high enough to compensate for the extra commission you will pay.

I want to contact the seller, how can I do this?

  • Totally Templates respects the privacy of both the buyer and the seller so we will not publish private details on the site; if you wish to contact a seller simply log in to the site and click the Sellers List link (at the very top of the page), select the seller’s shop that you wish to contact and fill in the contact form.

I’ve seen some patterns that I believe are a copyright infringement, what should I do?

  • Email Totally Templates immediately at team@totallytemplates.co.uk with the product you believe is an infringement, the seller’s name, & any proof that you believe evidences misconduct, we take this very seriously, and though we cannot be responsible for this behaviour we will in no way endorse it.

Can I buy if I am not UK based?

  • Totally Templates is a UK  based marketplace. It is only possible to purchase if you are based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America. It is a breach of the Terms and Conditions of this website to attempt to purchase if you are not within these countries.

Can I sell if I am not UK Based?

  • You would need to research thoroughly your own countries tax laws regarding the matter and regarding VAT with particular reference to the UK market. Totally Templates cannot be held responsible for anybody’s Tax or VAT, so be sure to check everything.

What about VAT Moss?

  • Vat Moss is dependant on the location of the CUSTOMER, you cannot sell a downloadable product to somebody in an EU member state without paying VAT. If you are UK based and selling to a UK market the EU VAT rules that were introduced in January 2015 do not apply. As an individual, if you earn above the National Threshold of £81k per annum you must register for VAT.
  • If you sell templates (or your own work) you legally must register with the HMRC as a sole trader immediately and declare all of your earnings. Totally Templates cannot do this for you and we take no responsibility for your tax and VAT.

I cannot upload my templates?

  • Make sure you watch the video in the Upload a Product Page, which gives a tour of Totally Templates and clearly shows the steps needed to upload your digital content. If you have followed all the steps correctly and are still stuck please email: team@totallytemplates.co.uk and we will endeavour to help you as quickly as we can

I’m not happy with template I’ve purchased?

  • Contact the seller immediately. Though Totally Templates cannot offer refunds (this is the seller’s responsibility) you are welcome to contact us by email: team@totallytemplates.co.uk and we can attempt to mediate.