Earnings Calculator

How Much Should You Charge?

Working out how much to charge can be a minefield and all too often we just slam the first price that comes to mind on our handmade items, which is understandable but absolutely non-sensical. Firstly, you stand a good chance of undercutting yourself and working for nothing. Secondly, if your product is too cheap your customers will doubt the quality of your work.

If that’s not enough to make you think twice then consider that you affect the whole industry by charging too little for your products, if you charge a couple of quid for something you have designed and produced because ‘it’s just a hobby’ then those that are trying to make a living doing the self-same service have a harder time charging the right amount. ‘Well, that’s not my problem’ comes the cry of the hobbyist, & maybe you’re right, for now, but think how hard it will be to increase your prices to even a basic wage when you suddenly get busy and find yourself working for bupkiss. It’s your choice, obviously, but use the calculator below and see where your prices should be, you might just get a shock.