Category Issue Resolved!

Phew, thank goodness that’s all sorted out now!

We can only apologise for the inability to upload new templates during the past week. The developers updated the site software, which we had no choice about. Unfortunately, they didn’t realise there was a bug in the system which affected hundreds of sites across the internet.

Thankfully, the issue has been rectified and you can upload your templates and patterns to your heart’s content.

We are aware of a couple of small issues with the coupons, so if you’re having a sale, you’re better to put the item on sale rather than use a coupon. You will have to change each item individually, but you can schedule sales ahead of time should you want to.

Don’t forget to promote your shop anywhere you can. We do promote your pages and products, but if you promote them also, you’ll gain a wider audience and ultimately more buyers.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Weekend. And don’t forget, you can buy as well as sell wink emoticon

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