Be prepared

Is anyone feeling the post Christmas slump in business? Now is the time to get your thinking caps on and start preparing for the up-coming seasons.

Valentine’s day is on it’s way in a couple of weeks and is followed by Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right before we start heading into Wedding season.

Make sure you get your templates designed and prepared ready to list as early as you can before the seaonal event, maybe a month or six weeks ahead. People who like to give homemade gifts like to be prepared, giving themselves time to be able to fit their paper cutting in with their daily life. If your customers will be selling framed paper cuts to their own customers they need to be able to purchase the template and get them cut and prepared ready to sell.

  Think about who your customer base is. Are you aiming at home crafters or craft businesses. Think about the time scales needed to prepare, cut and post orders. You want to be out there, ready for when your cusomters want to buy or they will go elsewhere. And don’t forget to tag your listings with the correct keywords. You won’t get found if you don’t tag and keyword your templates. The internet is an amazing place, but you need your designs to be found and if you don’t tag and keyword them, they won’t be found.

The other thing you need to do to get more customers is let the world know you’re out there. Promote yourself. There are so many ways to do this on social media these days. Take a read of this article on the TT website about self promotion on social media (Faceboook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc)

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